Lviv Academic Theater “Voskresinnia”

“A House Without a Number” by Yaroslav Fedoryshyn

Production Direction and Set Design: Alla Fedoryshyna, Honored Artist of Ukraine

The play “A House Without a Number” was penned by Yaroslav Fedoryshyn long before he ascended to prominence within the theater realm. He was a mere 20 years old at the time of its creation. Nevertheless, this play retains its profound relevance in the present day. Yaroslav Fedoryshyn, the founder of the “Voskresinnia” theater, expressed in interviews: “Often, modern theater lacks spirituality; actors frequently portray narratives that could be gleaned from books. Yet, theater is emotion, energy, an unparalleled ambiance.”

This performance delves into life, humanity, emotions, and the quest for happiness, which often resides remarkably close—if only we pause to observe…

“A House Without a Number” stands on the precipice of demolition, yet within its walls thrives a tapestry of diverse destinies. This abode brims with symbolism, interwoven with its storied past. Within its confines reside a Woman, an Artist, and an Old Man.

Duration of the performance: 1h and 30 min.