Charitable Artistic Fund “Golden Lion” is a nonprofit organization created to provide free development of theater as an expression of free, self-sufficient and socially necessary human intellectual activity.

The Fund is a legal entity with its own seal, address, bank accounts in local and foreign currencies, appropriate symbols, which are registered under applicable law.

The main objective of the Fund is the charitable activity to promote culture, including contemporary performing arts.

The Fund promotes international cultural exchange, assists creative groups and individuals in making their own concepts and art projects.

To achieve this goal and fulfill these tasks the Fund accumulates donations and contributions from individuals and businesses both from Ukraine and foreign countries and creates financial, material, intellectual and other resources to use them in the form of grants, scholarships, humanitarian assistance and other forms of philanthropy.

To provide flexible fulfillment of artistic activity the Fund uses various forms of activity, such as:
– organization and realization of the International theatre festival “Golden Lion” in Lviv;
– creation and implementation of artistic projects;
– implementation of educational and cultural programs;
– organization of solo and group exhibitions, performances, happenings, concerts, presentations and other experimental art events;
– analysis and promotion of the information about condition and problems of contemporary theater in Ukraine and in the world with the creation of books, catalogs, brochures, art periodicals and electronic databases;
– publication of newsletters, own periodical, catalogs, brochures, etc.;
– providing services for art orders, creation information pages of artistic projects and works for an international computer network;
– creation and organization of temporary art theater and other groups, creative clubs, workshops, art studios, etc.;
– organization the system to collect donations and contributions from individuals and legal entities of Ukraine and foreign countries to provide single or systematic financial, material, organizational and other – assistance in the field of culture and art;
– creation of galleries.