International theatre festival “Golden lion-2023”

(05.10 – 10.10)
“Golden Lion Days” in Lviv performances-reflections of wartime To support the Armed Forces of Ukraine Motto: keep the soldier warm in winter October 6-11.

This year we will present some successful, powerful, experimental theatrical productions from around the world. Everyone who still wants to take part in the festival can download and fill in the application form.

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This year we are expecting the following theatre companies:

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International Theater Festival “Golden Lion-2022”
For 32 years the International Theater Festival "Golden Lion" took place in Lviv at the beginning of October. Lviv residents and guests of the city could see impressive theatrical productions of Ukrainian and foreign theaters during the Festival. In addition to stage performances, street theater performances were also presented. The square in front of the Lviv Opera House was transformed into a stage for free street shows and performances. Many people always gathered there to enjoy the theatrical action. Due to the security situation in the country, it is impossible to hold the festival in a full-fledged format this year. However, it is possible to be on the artistic front and support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Therefore, on October 6 - 11, the "Golden Lion" Days will be held in Lviv. During this period performances that are relevant today will be presented. All proceeds received from the tickets will go directly to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine (for the 68th separate hunting brigade named after Oleksa Dovbush to buy a 3-Phase petrol generator and military thermal underwear for the soldiers, which will be extremely necessary for the cold season).
  • Lviv Academic Theater «Voskresinnia»
  • 79007, Grigorenko pl., 5, Lviv, Ukraine
Partners and sponsors

Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, the Department of Culture of the Lviv City Council, and the Lviv Regional State Administration support “Golden Lion-2023”.

However, in addition to official support from the pro-government structures help us and a simple art lovers. We are very grateful to everyone who supported our festival financially, information or a differently in any way. Among the organizations that help us are: