International theatre festival “Golden lion-2017″

(30.09 – 03.10)

This year we will present some successful, powerful, experimental theatrical productions from around the world. Everyone who still wants to take part in the festival can download and fill in the application form.

History of the festival


Performances picture


This year's International Theatre Festival "Golden Lion -2016", which will present their theater performances from around the world, will take place from 17 September to 2 October. At the festival citizens and visitors can see the extraordinary performance of very powerful theater from Romania, Poland, Moldova, Lithuania, Georgia, Hungary, Ukraine and others. countries that appear on the stage of Lviv theater and in the streets of the city.
In particular, the festival will feature the following theaters:
Vilnius City Theatre with the play "The Lower Depths" - directed by Oskaras Korshunovas. His performances were presented on all continents. These powerful festivals like Avignon Festival (France), Edinburgh Festival (Scotland), the Vienna Festival (Austria) and others. have seen performances of this brilliant director. We are very pleased that the supporters of the "Golden Lion" will see a performance Oskarasa Korshunovasa in. Performances Avtandil Varsimashvili Lviv seen more than once. This year we bring his latest premiere of "Inspector" Gogol and "Mechanical Orange" E. Burgess.
For the first time in Ukraine will play shows extremely famous Romanian director Alexander Housfatera "Much Ado About Nothing" by William Shakespeare work. Emotional material Shakespeare merged with the temperament of actors from Romania and imaging director Alexander Housfatera brought many awards across Europe and America.
Directing setting Jerzy Zonya crowd the city saw more than once on the stage and on the street. This time we bring the show "Chorus orphans" on the novel by Guy Gross. This performance has seen audiences in Europe and America. Directing Jerzy Zonya always the unusual visual and emotional. Roman Svetlana Alexievich "Chernobyl Prayer" viewers will see in the production of Linas Zaykauskasa, chief director of the Drama Theater. Juozas Miltinisa (m. Panevezys, Lithuania). Undoubtedly, performances of famous Ukrainian film directors such as S.Moyseyev, Ya.Fedoryshyn, A.Bakirov, R.Derzhapilskyy, S.Pavlyuk and others. will be presented at the festival "Golden Lion - 2016"
Today, Lions make great strides to achieve the level of tourist destinations in Europe such as Prague, Budapest, Krakow ... This event is the International Festival "Golden Lion" according to John. Elsoma, honorary president of the International Association of theater critics, "allows you to attract to the city tourists, promote the region and Ukraine, as well as unforgettable cultural experience to enrich the residents of the city. The festival is another important motivational factor for tourism development and could be attractive fact for investment in tourism infrastructure development ».
Therefore, I sincerely invite all to the city for the two weeks to enjoy the incredible world art masterpieces and immerse themselves in the extraordinary atmosphere of theatrical performances.
      Festival "Golden Lion - 2016" held by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Lviv Regional Administration Department of Culture, Department of Culture of the Lviv City Council Lviv Regional Council. Festival organizers sincerely thank them for their support.
Partners and sponsors

Our festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Department of Culture Regional State Administration, Lviv Regional Council and the Department of Culture, Lviv City Council.

However, in addition to official support from the pro-government structures help us and a simple art lovers. We are very grateful to everyone who supported our festival financially, information or a differently in any way. Among the organizations that help us are: