Golden lion-2012

International Theatre Festival “Golden lion-2012” was held in Lviv from the 27th of September to the 6th of October. In the program of the festival citizens and guests of the city saw performances of the theatres from Kyiv, Luhansk, Lviv, Krakow, Warsaw and Jelena Gora, Tbilisi, Dushanbe, Yevpatoria, Melikhovo, which were shown at all Lviv theatres.

International Theatre Festival “Golden lion-2012 was dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Les Kurbas. During the festival the round table, dedicated to the works of Les Kurbas, was held in Potockyi Palace. Famous theatrical critics, theatre directors, actors and directors of the International theatre festivals took part in it.

During the “Golden Lion-2012″ 28 performances were offered to the citizens and guests of the city. Street performances were also included. Feature of this year’s festival was Mirnoe theater ofYakutia with their performance “Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk Obl“,Orchestra of big drums from Poland and energetic Georgian actorswith the performances “Caucasian Chalk Circle” (B.Breht) and “Love, love, love you” (B.Vahtin).

Lviv Academic Theatre “Voskresinnia” presented its latest premiereLocusts” by Serbian playwright Biliana Srblianovich.

The motto of the festival “Classic through the eyes of experiment”demonstrates its originality, creativity and a modern approach andlook at the classics. That is why every spectator is able to feelhimself a part of the action.


  • Lviv academic theatreVoskresinnia” (Ukraine), performanceBroken heartM. Starytskyi
  • Theatre КТО (Poland), performance «Ink for the Left-handed. A comedy of the absurd» К. Niedzwiedzki
  • State Russian V. Mayakovskyi drama theatre (Tajikistan), performance «Peri’s love» T. Mukhammadrizoev
  • The first Ukrainian theatre for children and youth (Lviv, Ukraine), performance «Butterflies Are Free» L. Hersh
  • Lviv academic Les Kurbas theatre (Ukraine), performance «Forest song» L. Ukrainka
  • Lviv academic theatre “Voskresinnia” (Ukraine), performance «Locusts» B. Srblianovich
  • Tbilisi theatre (Georgia), performance «Love, love, love you» B. Vakhtin
  • Mirnyi theatre (Russia, Sakha Republic), performance «Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk Obl» M. Leskov
  • Theatre in the Basket at the Les Kurbas National Centre for Theatrical Arts (Kyiv-Lviv, Ukraine), performance «Song about Snails» J. Jonesko
  • Lviv National M. Zankovetska academic drama theatre (Ukraine), performance “Antigona” G. Anui (small stage)
  • Tbilisi theatre (Georgia), performance Caucasian ChalkCircle” B. Brecht
  • Melikhovo theatre “Chekhov Studio”, performance CottageTheatre of Antosha Chekhontey” A. Chekhov
  • Luhansk Ukrainian academic music and drama theatre (Ukraine), performance «Kaydasheva family» I. Nechui-Levytskyi
  • Jelena Gora theatre (Poland), performance Dinner for Four”P. Bartz
  • Kyiv Young theatre (Ukraine), performance «Love letters to Stalin» H. Majorga
  • National academic Ivan Franko drama theatre (Ukraine), performance «Cross-roads» I. Franko
  • Theatre TABOR (Austria), performance Chess story” S.Zweig

Street performances and shows:

  • Games for children and parents from clowns of Krakowtheatre WAGABUNDA
  • Theatrical Carnival on the occasion of the festival “Golden Lion 2012” opening
  • Lviv academic theatre “Voskresinnia”, street show «Cherry Orchard»
  • Performance of the Evpatorian company “GEFEST-show”
  • Warsaw theatre МАКАТА (Poland),
  • Orchestra of large drums
  • Fire show, dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Les Kurbas

Projects and workshops:

  • Roundtable on the occasion of 125th anniversary of Les Kurbas
  • Ukrainian-Polish project WITKATSY AND US by youngscenographers of Kyiv National academy of arts and architecture and Krakow Jan Matejko Academy of Arts.