festival “Golden lion on the street-2011”

Street performances and shows:

  • Carnival of street theatres from Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia
  • Prague theatre «Brothers in trick», Czech Republic, performance “The Painters”
  • Evpatorian theatre on the stilts «Show of the Giants»,Ukraine
  • Odessa theatre “Carnival”, Ukraine, performance “Sea variations”
  • Prague theatre “V.O.S.A”,  Czech Republic, performance “High dreaming”
  • Theatre «WINGED DRAGONS», Hungary
  • Warsaw theatre “Makata”, Poland, performance “The Book”
  • Evpatorian theatre “Wolfram”, Ukraine
  • Street theatre from Sankt-Petersburg, Russia
  • Clown show of Odessa theatre “Carnival”, Ukraine
  • theatrical performance of Warsaw theatre “Makata”, Poland
  • Lviv academic theatre “Voskresinnia”, performance “Gloria”
  • Lviv circus studio
  • Fire show of Lviv academic theatre “Voskresinnia”, Evpatorian theatre “Wolfram” and Warsaw theatre “Makata”, Warsaw orchestra of big drums
  • Warsaw theatre “Makata”  (Poland) Orchestra of big drums
  • Evpatorian theatre of live statues