Golden lion-2010

International theatre festival “Golden lion-2010”


  • Russian State drama Theatre named after A. Chekhov (Kishiniv, Moldova), performance «A Midsummer Night’s Dream» by W. Shakeapeare
  • Kiev Centre of Contemporary Arts “DAKH” (Ukraine), performance «Oedipus»
  • Lviv Academic Les Kurbas Theatre (Ukraine), performance «King Lear» by W. Shakespeare
  • Luhansk Academic Ukrainian theatre of music and drama (Ukraine), performance «Hamlet» by W. Shakespeare
  • Kharkiv State Academic Drama Theatre named after T. Shevchenko (Ukraine), performance «For Footsteps» by M. Kolyada
  • Lviv academic theatre “Voskresinnia” (Ukraine), performance «The Broken Heart» by M. Starytskyi
  • Lublin theatre «Provisorium» (Poland), performance «Emigrants» by S. Mrozhek
  • The New Witkacy Theatre in Slupsk (Poland), performance «Witkacy: it’s 20 minutes to X o’clock»
  • Bekeshchab drama theatre named after M. Yok (Hungary), performance «Wedding» by M. Gogol
  • Concert of gong masters from the New Witkacy Theatre in Slupsk, Poland
  • Theatre in the Basket / Teatr u koshyku at the Les Kurbas National Center for Theatrical Arts, (Lviv, Ukraine), performance «The Guilt» by N. Romchevych
  • Vienna theatre TABOR (Austria), performance «Transformation» by F. Kafka
  • New Kyiv theatre “THEATRE” (Ukraine), performance «Vij. Fearful Revenge» by M. Gogol
  • Perm theatre «U Mosta» (Russia), performance «Cripple from Inishman» by M. McDonah
  • Theatre company DOGSTAR (Inverness, Scotland), performance «The tailor of Inverness» by M. Zajac
  • California theatre «Arlekin Players» (America), performance «The Bear» by A. Chekhov
  • Lviv academic theatre “Voskresinnia” (Ukraine), performance «The Cherry Orchard» by A. Chekhov

Street performances:

  • Carnival on the occasion of opening the festival
  • Evpatorian theatre of live statues (Ukraine) «Alley of live statues»
  • Lviv academic theatre “Voskresinnia” (Ukraine), street performance «Pinsel’s Mystery»
  • Warsaw theatre happening «Orchestra of big drums»(Poland)
  • Krakiw theatre «КТО» (Poland), street performance «City of the Blind»