festival “Golden lion on the street-2009”

Street performances and shows:

  • Carnival of street theatres
  • Games for children and with children, theatre«Wagabunda» (Poland)
  • «Show of the Giants» (Evpatorian theatre on the stilts,Ukraine)
  • «Don Kihot», The State Drama and Comedy Brest Theatre (Byelaruss)
  • Comedy-group «Equivokee» (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • theatre «А3/Y», walking cabare «Essence» (Warsaw,Poland)
  • performance «Sirens» (theatre «Makata» (Warsaw, Poland)
  • fire show (theatres from Ukraine, Poland, France, Byelaruss)
  • «To meet Prospero» (theatre «Voskresinnia» (Lviv,Ukraine)


  • Actors’ master-classes of “New Method”
  • Demonstration of the Kantor’s Etude “A SCENE FROM THE DEAD CLASS”
  • Presentation of the book by Krzysztof Miklaszewskiy “Tadeusz Kantor. Between the dust-heap and eternity” PIW, Warsaw 2007
  • Demonstration of documental film by Krzysztof Miklaszewskiy about the art and the theatre of Tadeusz Kantor: “WARDROBE OF TADEUSZ KANTOR” (1974), “I AM MASTER” (1986), “JOURNEY OR THE LIFE IN ART” (2002)