Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Theater (Kyiv)

“Translations” Brian Friel (16+)

Director: Kyrylo Kashlikov

Scenography and costumes: Olena Drobna

Visual solution – “TETA-ARTS”

“To me this story is about people living in the age of change. About how this change impacts everyone personally and the society as a whole. About choice, dignity, love. About chossing a threshold beyond which one looses themselves…” – Kyrylo Kashlikov.

“Nations don’t die from a heart attack. They go mute first” – the prophetic words by Lina Kostenko are a fitting epigraph to this play. The people of Ireland were captives of a British empire for 800 years. 800 years of a colonized people fighting for their freedom and independence… Only in 2005 the national language was reinstated as the language of the official written communication, and the age-old names were put back on the maps.
However, this play is not about a happy ending if there ever was one. It’s about the beginning, long and systematic erasure of the national language and identity…

Duration: 2 h 50 min.