Petofi Theatre (Sopron, Hungary) and Jokai Theatre (Komarno, Slovakia)

“The Emigrants” S. Mrozek


Director: A. Pataki


“Emigrants” is one of the most famous plays in Polish drama. In the play, the author tells us what is usually a secret. The themes of freedom, family, and human fears become central in the conversations of two male emigrants who, due to various circumstances, are forced to live together in a small room, a closet under the stairs. Today they celebrate the New Year together. One of them is an intellectual, a political refugee who dreams of writing a book about freedom, and the other is a simple worker who came to earn some money.

Two completely different worldviews and characters, two opposite life positions. On the stage – open conversations, ideological conflicts, and thus an understanding of the essence of freedom, law, and intelligent society.

Duration: 1 h 50 min.